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31 Aug 2020

Child-like vs Childish

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“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3

“We need to be childlike in order to understand more and see the World around us with a perfect clarity” ― Isabella Koldras, True Believer.

I was reminded this morning about being child-like. Why, first of all do I want to be like a child? Because this conjures up redeeming qualities of ourselves that express inherently positive characteristics. Children are usually loving, spontaneous, quick to forgive, trusting, uninhibited, and full of belly laughs. Do we as adults loose these qualities as we get older. It begs the question; how do we become child-like, not childish as full-grown adults and reignite these positive qualities?

As a teacher I am consistently researching information to incorporate in my business, classroom, and endeavor to continue refining my personal development. This repertoire of knowledge has propelled me to grow and to expand my sphere of influence in creating well-being. Through this self-exploration, I have been asking some truly profound questions. Who am I, why am I here and what is my purpose? In order to find the answers to these questions, it required me to go on a journey. As it would turn out, this was not an ordinary trip. I would have to go back to the point of origin, to where it all started. Was there emotional pain or false beliefs that were preventing me from answering these questions?

I remember hearing about a concept of the wounded inner child. It is an exercise we can utilize, and it remains for me one of the most transforming moments of my life. We first see the world through the eyes of a little child and that inner child remains with us throughout our life no matter how outwardly grown up and effective we appear to become. If our vulnerable child was hurt abandoned shamed or neglected that child’s grief and anger continue to live on within us. This is so powerful to know and understand. We see so many adults now acting out the hurt abandonment the shame and neglect that they suffered as children.

This exercise changed the way I felt about myself and the way I looked at the world. Each time I go through this, I learn something new about myself. Imagine peering through the window of your childhood home. Go to the window of the house you grew up in and look inside. Find yourself in that house and ask yourself; what is it that you remember? When you take a good look at your life as a child, what is it that you see and more importantly what do you feel? What’s going on with you and your relationships with everyone in that house? What gifts did you possess that others may have overlooked or missed? What burdens were you made to carry and what brought you hope? What made you sad or happy? I believe that healing the wounds of the past is one of the most hopeful endeavors we have in our lives. When we rekindle the innocence and hope that precedes our pain, we are free to truly live more fully in the present.

We must humble ourselves as little children so that we can again become teachable. I saw a post on Facebook recently that talked about frolicking. The definition of frolic is to play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically. In the post the person said: “I frolicked for the first time today. Y’all ever frolicked before? Why has no one ever told me about this?” Maybe our creative side was extinguished as a child or we cannot remember how to play or frolic. In the midst of the play, I’m reminded of all the beautiful qualities children bring into the world. Just for today, I will play as a child, once again reconnect to who and what I am and finding my true purpose. Namaste

My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content. Psalm 131:1-2

5 Jun 2020

Transformation – Finding Courage

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After Hitting Rock-bottom

We just want the pain to stop. How do I make the pain go away? Allow myself to cry it all out and purge the anguish. I know that something bigger than me is going to come out of all this suffering. Why do we have to suffer, or do we? I remember praying so that I could achieve a higher consciousness with my creator. This was when I was in the throes of my thyroid revolution, and my body was being controlled by an invisible enemy. I wanted to “wake up” and see through my own mind all the falseness that it was clinging to. To envision true knowledge, that which lies outside our minds, not in it. But I had already tapped into the collective energy around me and wound up taking the wrong road, a downward spiral, and ended up mining the database of human unconsciousness. I had pulled in all the frequency of the suffering that was happening on the planet. I began to question everything I had been taught, believed in, even the path I was on. Was this my journey? Did I choose this? Did I attract this? There is a quote that says, Fear and it Will Appear.” By placing a continual emphasis on avoiding what we fear, we call it to mind over and over again. Like a persistent mantra, or a focal point for meditation, it becomes an old software program that limits our happiness and freedom. Fear can prevent us from doing what we would like or need to do, because we construct elaborate “what-ifs” or justifications around engaging in life.

So, what is the secret behind letting go of fear? It definitely surprised me. On some level, we subconsciously want or expect anything that we are afraid is going to happen. Not on a conscious level but subconsciously. When we can welcome this understanding, we can release it. Why would I want to invite something I do not want? When we see something in the world that we don’t like, we often think to ourselves, “I hope that doesn’t happen to me” or, “I hope that never happens again.” What our mind hears and pictures of course, is the fear happening as though we had actually had the thought, “I want this to happen to me.” Thus, our creative energy starts flowing in that direction. Some might call this the “Law of Attraction.”

Once we have gotten over the shock of the fact that we somehow want a negative thing to happen it is quite easy to let go of that fear, because consciously it’s not truly what we want. There is a false sense of security that comes from preparing for what we don’t want to happen to the uncertainty that comes from not knowing what’s going to happen. Even if what we know what’s going to happen will not provide a positive outcome. So, we may be preparing for a disaster, but we may also be bringing the disaster about through our inner and outer preparations. Whenever we worry, we are holding in our mind what we don’t want and that is what we tend to get.

My phone was ringing, but did I have the courage to answer it? My true self was calling me. My old identity was dissolving as was the darkness. The light dispels the darkness. There was a mutiny afoot and my heart was now in charge. There was a brief bereavement for the death of my egoic mind, but this was an imposter pretending to be me. It was time to let go of all judgment, negativity, and the dissolution of fear. I had made my choice to live in the present, the here and now. To dwell in this moment rather than in time. Time and pain are inseparable. The choice begins when you disidentify from the mind, and the conditional patterns you’ve be living in. I had been unconscious for so long that my mind was conditioned by the past and continued to re-create it. Therefore, I would relive the past repeatedly.

Our past conditioning creates this wheel of false beliefs that keeps us prisoner in these mind stories, but this is temporary. It was all that I knew, and it was familiar, like an old friend even though it was painful. The known is ironically safe and the unknown is dangerous because we have no control over it. Maybe that is why my mind dislikes the present. Present moment awareness creates a gap between the stream of our minds continuum, which creates a gap in the past. Nothing new and creative can penetrate our world except through this space gap of infinite possibilities. Were these mind patterns learned in childhood? Was there a perception of unworthiness and that I needed to be punished?

How can I break free of the untruth I had been living? Awareness is the Light through the storm of the mind. The moment I allowed the Light to naturally come in, I realized that there was no more resentment and I became conscious. We as a collective consciousness need to be compassionate towards this illness of being unconscious that we all suffer from. We cannot forgive ourselves or others as long as we derive our sense of self from the past. Only by accessing the power of the present now experience, which is our self-empowerment, can there be true forgiveness. It destroys the false sense of who you thought you were. How will you know when you have surrender to this power within? When you no longer need to ask the questions.

Freedom is where God/Truth and our hearts lie. Not in the bondage of the ideas or boxes the mind clings to and endlessly creates. You stop moving outward like the growing branches of a tree. Instead you go back down towards to the roots, where you find the origin of the tree itself. You begin to unlearn instead of learn. You discard outdated programs, instead of collecting more data to substantiate the old system’s programing. When you get to the root, you find what is permanent, and you find Home. It cannot be found in any idea, your story or someone else’s story. It surpasses all of them. It is the grounding of our being and nothing can change it or keep you from it. It’s not hiding from you; it will always be there and has always been there. Your desire to know Truth is your true Self calling you Home again. The question is: Will you pick up the phone and answer the call?

16 May 2020

Normalcy Amidst the Chaos

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Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost

Why is it we tend to shine better in a crisis? Is it because the crisis makes us focus? We have the opportunity to focus not on the crisis but upon the solutions. It causes us to rise to the occasion. The key is to not concentrate on the circumstances of where you are right now, but where you envision your vibrational reality to be as a result of the environmental conditions you have been observing. We want to feel the wholeness of who we are. We are connected to nature, the earth, animals, and all life forms. We are energy beings just trying to live a human experience and survive in a world surrounded by destructive energy. How is your emotional energy holding up amidst our current storm of the century? Could our careless attitude of violating and poisoning the earth be catching up with us? A powerful life coach, Tony Robbins believes that most people are wired for fear and worry. He says there is a highway to upset and a dirt road to happiness. The trick is to find out which path we are on and reprogram your mind so that it is no longer the master of destruction. What road are you traveling on right now?

As I look at the world around me right NOW, I wonder how much of the chaos we endure is mind-made? Is it possible to keep our eyes focused on being calm when the world around us is falling apart? Through the mind, we create a prison of suffering, and then forget that we are the architect that holds the key that will set us free. I believe the first step to overcoming the suffering we create in our own mind is to recognize the good that surrounds us. Being grateful is at the core of our being. We are lucky if as children we experienced a kind of goodness through hope, joy, and optimism without judgement. But as we get older that innocence as a child gets tarnished or even erased by traumas, emotional wounds and failures which create a feeling of hopelessness that we as adults then struggle against. So, how can we reawaken this inner child to improve our journey? By rekindling the innocence and hope of a child that precedes our pain, we can then free ourselves to truly live more fully in the present. Present moment awareness removes time, without time there is no suffering, nor negativity that can survive. Hope is a practical link to the flow of life. Where did it go and how do we get back that light within? “We live in the world of our vision” so, what is your vision? What does it look like, describe it in detail? If your ego mind isn’t allowing you to envision this extraordinary world you want to live in, then you could be dwelling on the future, postponing your happiness with thoughts about what is missing or wrong in the present moment. Meditation reawakens the inner child. To enhance this awakening in yourself and others we need to practice this every day.

The second step to changing our mind patterns is forgiveness. We sometimes even inherit trauma, which we then attach our own emotions to. When we are unable to forgive, much of our pain is often derived not from what actually happened to us but from the meaning we assign to the event. In truly forgiving someone, we release the hurt and anger and experience a profound feeling of inner peace and freedom. But to truly forgive, we must change the way we view these events that we seek to forgive. We have to find a way through the pain. Do not think about it, feel it. Express yourself if necessary but don’t create a script in your mind around it! Do not let your mind use the pain to create a victim identity for you out of this misery. Feeling sorry for yourself and retelling this sad story over and over will keep you stuck in this suffering. Staying in the present moment as you feel the pain with every fiber of your being, will bring light into the darkness. This flame is your consciousness. Give it your full attention, for attention is acceptance which is fully surrendering to the fact that there is nothing you can do to change the past or the future. But you can change how you feel right NOW. Stop resisting or fighting to hold onto your story. It does not define who you are. Accept your suffering and then let it die. Now is the time for epigenetic transformation, so we find ourselves purging these emotions from our cells. Everything is recalibrating, the earth, humans and animals all are in a rebirthing process.

We as Americans were not prepared for our current crisis. It almost like we fell asleep like Rip Van Winkle and woke up in the show “Survivor.” We have become so dependent on our leaders or government to take care of us that we have overlooked how to live sustainably. We relinquished our responsibilities as parents, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, human beings, and disremembered how to just “be. We no longer walk in balance with nature or each other, neither spiritually nor physically. There wasn’t any harmony left to experience. What trust we had, we gave up long ago. When did we stop trusting ourselves, our own intuition and when did we give our power away? At the core of our very being is hope. We need to reestablish that hope. Our pain was self-created through what was perceived as being unworthy through patterns of false beliefs. Once we choose to live in the present the past dissolves. Are you ready to stop punishing yourself? Let us break down the walls of self-doubt and destroy the false sense of who we think we are. We are all in this together. We may not be in the same boat, but we are all on the road to a desired destination of happiness. I envision a community coming together, working collectively towards the greater good. Giving our neighbors a helping hand, sharing food, and building a solid foundation of hope in our neighborhood communities. Namaste ??

27 Jan 2020

Destination – Self Discovery

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“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” ― Masaru Emoto

The language you speak determines how you think and how you will interpret or see everything! Language can be messy. “Language is the first weapon drawn in a conflict.” Do we understand the difference between a weapon and a tool? If all we are given to communicate is a hammer, then everyone else is a nail. We must endeavor to seek out non-zero-sum solutions or a win-win for everyone. Forging ahead on this journey, we all have the power to amplify our human experience and exceed the limitations we’ve set forth in our own mind. It doesn’t require us to get in a car, on a train, plane, train, ship or bus. We eventually learn that the voyage begins within. A journey some may call a spiritual path, in search of how to heal the whole self. But first, we have to open our minds to unlimited possibilities. “The mind is like a parachute; it works best when it is open.”

There are days that go beyond my definition of who and what I am. The story we all tell ourselves can get muddied and we tend to misinterpret and distort our own reality because we want to control the outcome. We become obsessed with always being the winner or top dog, which means someone else would have to lose. The true power is in non-physical energy. The harder we persist, the more counterproductive we become in allowing the natural flow state. It is our individual choices that determine what we will experience in the various aspects of our life. Choosing acceptance as our predominant way of being disarms and eliminates fear, doubt, worry and anxiety which in turn enables “The Flow” to consistently deliver desirable outcomes. Acceptance is our “true nature” freely provided to each of us. Resistance is a learned trait that many of us adopt throughout our lives due to self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs we’ve acquired along the way. Change your beliefs which will change your vibration then your point of attraction will manifest what you desire, then you truly have won the game of discovery.

How many times have you and I been so headstrong that we plowed ahead ignoring all the visible signs to stop? When things aren’t working according to our plans, we must believe that God has put the roadblock up for our own protection. Maybe the road of life you’re traveling seems off track from your desired destination. It may even look like you are going in the wrong direction. Is it aggravating when you have to take a detour? My recent lesson of taking the road less traveled, is to enjoy the journey! Life is teaching me that I have been missing the signs that the universe has been trying to reveal along the way. Slow down, enjoy life and remember, you will always arrive at the correct location! As I travel this path of least resistance, I will not be afraid for I know my creator has paved the road ahead and smoothed out the rough places. Heavy doors have been shattered before me, iron gates have been cut down which has allowed me to seek out my refuge, my scared place so that, I can rest my head and heal. When we are connected to the infinite power of creation, we feel the confidence and strength that comes from having the support of the universe within us. Thank you for lighting the night sky with your fire and being my cloud of sanctuary during the day. You are the freedom and peace I’ve long searched for. Heralding the end of problematic cycles by announcing a time of new worlds and new opportunities from within!

I had a conversation with the universe and told her I wanted to expand. I told her to use me and mold me, so she made me uncomfortable. She made me question everything I knew. She taught me to be silent, how to observe, to grow, to believe in myself, to be more understanding, to fight, to let go, to survive, how to be more confident, and more loving. She then told me to take everything I had learned and go be the Teacher! The spirit nourishes the mind and the mind feeds the body. The energy of the universe is showing us how to complete our transformation of self by addressing the reconstruction of our body’s energy patterns and helping to recalibrate it’s vibration. What are the social and environmental factors in creating a resilient physical experience? We create a sustainable approach to life through mindful eating, organic movement, and providing the tools for optimal physicality. Embracing the Spirit-Mind-Body philosophy is transforming lives and igniting a passion in others to live life to its fullest. Incorporating methodologies and leading-edge conversations to accelerate our well-being into the next decade. “Life is a balance between rest and movement”

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi. Year after year we all set well intended resolutions. This might be the time when some of us secretly feel disappointment for wellness goals we did not accomplish this past year. So many of us become defined by our past experiences but that’s not who we are. I will not allow myself to feel disappointed for what I didn’t accomplish this past year or the last 3 years. I’m not defined by my past experiences nor by illness. The natural process is for our body to heal itself, but it is reacting to our surroundings, our environment and emotions. As a teacher of Holistic Wellness or an educator of how to heal the whole self; it is my mission introduce others to experiencing the science of energy healing. Show them how to explore proven methodologies, mindfulness, overcome our fears, burnout, and build confidence and cultivate our inner knowing. As we dive into the new millennium, a new century and a new decade of energy; join me on a provocative journey on how we can conquer the invisible energies that are interfering with our wellness. This past year 2019, was a year of preparation and development. Going into the New Year of 2020, it will be a year of manifestation and joy! Namaste ?

30 Dec 2019

Second Chance

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“Every day you wake up and have a second chance to do whatever you want, to be whoever you want. The only thing stopping you is you.” This quote is from the Movie “Second Act”. It’s about a struggling employee working for a Superstore, who is frustrated from unfulfilled dreams. She decides to reinvent herself which gives her a second chance to prove that her street smarts are just as valuable as a college degree. This inspirational film invokes some cutting-edge conversations about the empowerment of women, integrity, believing in ourselves, “biological clocks,” and of course, second chances. “Our lives are shaped by a series of choices. One decision leading to another, bringing us times of great joy, or years of regret. In the end, it’s up to us. We get to write our own story.” How many of us have reached this crossroad in life, only to buckle under the pressure of what we should do verses trusting ourselves that the desired outcome or dream will manifest. To quote Dr. Archibald Graham (aka “Moonlight” Graham) from the movie “Field of Dreams”; “It was like coming this close to your dreams… and then watch them brush past you like strangers in a crowd.”

What does it take to transform our pain into manifesting the life we’ve dreamed of? Maybe, it’s asking the age-old question, are we tired of punishing ourselves? Are we ready to freefall leaving all our fears behind? It’s finally realizing that we don’t merely exist to trudge through life, burdened by tasks of everyday sameness, and the heaviness in our souls. I came to this realization going into my 3rd year of healing from Thyroiditis, Graves’ Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I fantasized how helpful it would be to see a road map showing all the twists and turns of the journey that lie before me. I think we would all feel more prepared if we could somehow visualize what is on the road ahead. Instead of assessing our energy level at every turn and wondering if we’re making the right choices. I felt it prudent to change my grasp of a controlling stance to one of openness and trust. No longer surrounded by a sea of problems, but instead, I will rise above this disfunction, find peace, and safely be guided to solutions in healing my whole self. Transformation is about awareness. If I’m aware of the state of my spirit-mind-body, then I can change the outcome. Even if the doctor says; “You can’t heal from this!” Life had caused me to want to desire, to dream big. How can I alter my physicality through metaphysical means? Tap into my subconscious mind, heal and strengthen my energetic world?

Syncing up with the oceans tide, I’m grounded and reconnected to nature. When my mind nourishes my body with light-hearted feelings, easy going thoughts; my body returns to its natural state of happiness. From this heavenly dwelling, I’m able to regain the memory of who and what I really am. A celestial being that is interconnected with the creative power of the universe, where there are unlimited possibilities and renewable energies! Meditation has given me the opportunity to stop time. With this process I was able transcend beyond the present moment and reconnect to my sacred space. To go “home,” where healing takes place. Aligning with my energy source has allowed a wellspring of manifestation to unfold beneath my feet. But it was going to take a village to help me reach my ultimate destination, which is homeostasis. I was inspired to incorporate many different protocols for my diagnoses. One of them was to start taking a high dose iodine supplement. Because my T3 number was so high, I decided to go on the medicine recommended by the doctor. She mentioned that I couldn’t stay on this medicine very long. WOW ?, that was scary. When I had my blood work done months later, my T3 was down considerably but liver enzymes were now elevated. My body was still writhing from the level 10 pain (scale from 1-10) in my neck, but I knew the liver was not reacting well to the prescription. I began taking the supplement immediately after tapering off the medicine. After about 5 days of taking the iodine my pain level went down to a 5. (I don’t suggest that anyone stop taking their prescriptions. It is an individual choice.) Just a few weeks later and my pain level was down to about a 2.

Did I mention there was a nodule on my thyroid? I will never forget the doctor’s tone when she berated me about not listening to her advice and suggesting that if it was cancerous, it could now have spread throughout my entire body. I wish I’d had a picture of her face when she said that I was playing doctor, to which I then responded that, I don’t play around when it comes to my health and God was healing me. Her abrupt tone continued as she explained the graveness of my situation (pun intended). Her solution was the only choice that I had, which was Nuclear medicine. Nutrition, she demanded, was not going to help heal my thyroid and that iodine was not verified in any studies [sources 1,2&3]. Six months later, I couldn’t feel the nodule anymore. When I told her this, she immediately started feeling my neck with the veracity of a chef trying to hammer out the lumps in mash potatoes. Her lack of compassion still boggles the mind. I’m reminded of the term: Occam’s Razor. “It means finding the most logical solution to an illogical problem. A scientific or medical means of thwarting more fanciful and dubious explanations for strange phenomena.” While this is useful, it has been known to obstruct scientific or medical progress. When we go with the simplest explanations, we overlook new theories and rely on outdated or current research. New research brings to light more evidence, hence new solutions emerge.

I’m grateful for the second chance or what I was told was impossible that became possible these past 2 years! I’m looking forward to how this transformation will all unfold in 2020! Desire is nothing without belief. Desire changes a belief that isn’t serving you. When we allow others and their belief systems to influence us, our desire is extinguished. Change your beliefs which will change your vibration, then your point of attraction will manifest your desires. I’m now empowered and inspired to bridge my Spirit-Mind-Body. This was revolutionary to me and has given me infinite potential to create the life of my dreams and healing was not only possible but achievable. The only limitation in manifesting this was in my own mind. All I have to do is cultivate the conditions, plant the seeds, and fertilize the soil where all of these experiences can grow allowing me to live an extraordinary life! Chasing that perfect moment had caused me to find the most transcendental peaceful place. The struggle is over and there is no more resistance. Emptiness no longer grabs my soul. Paradise is locating the silence within. My life is changed forever, because it was the discovery of a lifetime. Healing my whole self is a journey of self-love, that I have been searching for my entire life. Namaste ?

Sources: [1].Ken Okamura, Kaori Sato, Megumi Fujikawa, Sachiko Bandai, Hiroshi Ikenoue, and Takanari Kitazono Department of Medicine and Clinical Science, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8582, Japan. Remission After Potassium Iodide Therapy in Patients With Graves’ Hyperthyroidism Exhibiting Thionamide-Associated Side Effects, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Volume 99, Issue 11, 1 November 2014, Pages 3995–4002

[2.] Maier J1, van Steeg H, van Oostrom C, Paschke R, Weiss RE, Krohn K. Iodine deficiency activates antioxidant genes and causes DNA damage in the thyroid gland of rats and mice. III Medical Department, Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany. National Center for Biotechnology Information – Biochim Biophys Acta. 2007 Jun;1773(6):990-9. Epub 2007 Mar 24

[3.] National Institutes of Health (NIH), Iodine, Fact Sheet for Health Professionals, https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Iodine-HealthProfessional/

6 Dec 2019


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Navigating Holiday Stress https://mailchi.mp/8f1e58772913/navigating-holiday-stress

27 Nov 2019

Is Sleep the Sacrificial Lamb to Achieving Success?

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I’m at the University of Richmond wrapping up my class on “Sleep & College.” This semester has been very rewarding and challenging at the same time. It has taught me more patience and appreciation for what my students go through each day. I met with one of them recently, to review her journals. Seeing that she only accumulated a total of 33 hours of sleep in one week, (which is an average of 4.7 hours a night), I was quite troubled. Her feelings that were recorded in her journal 4 days out of 7, were “very stressed!” She had increased her water daily, per one of my suggestions, but her energy level was also low 4 out of 7 days and exhaustion was more than apparent. I’m seeing this regularly and this is what I call survival mode. Here is my question: How long do you think someone can continue in this state of being? Does this look anything like your schedule or edify how you are feeling? The pressure of school along with the social ilk of today, our young people almost don’t stand a chance against poor health. Furthermore, I’m hearing about this behavior in middle schoolers! They don’t sleep, suffer from anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, depression and a lack of self-worth. This has to stop!

For some of my students, sleep loss started in grade school! I’ve seen firsthand how the students’ culture shapes what they consider to be important. Especially the high-achieving students who buy into the idea that they are what they do! Their productivity does come first and foremost, which stems from their core values or belief system, even if that means depriving themselves of something as valuable as sleep. I see the consequences in their journals they keep for my class. During this 6-week journey, they chart everything from their emotions, exercise, energy level, environment, eating and sleeping habits. It’s tough to see that their well-being is dependent on whether they are getting rewards and achievements. Such as, receiving those A’s, getting that internship, or hopefully landing that dream job and what has been ultimately been sacrificed in order to reach those goals. It’s a shame that society views us individually as a worthwhile human, if and only if; we are successful, powerful, wealthy, or have reached a certain status.

One of my students wrote a paper, that was titled: “I’m Not Allowed to Sleep”. I found this very disturbing. A professor actually told her, “Sleeping will hinder your success.” So, what are we teaching the next generation? The student goes on to say that this notion has pushed her, and many students follow suit with warning her that sleep will interfere with being successful. This dogma has followed this student her whole life. She is not sure she is even qualified to classify herself as sleep deprived, because she does take a lot of naps. Since high school, she has never gone to bed before 11pm. Upon entering college, she can recall on one hand, how many times she felt energetic or ready for her daily tasks after awakening. The pattern is to go to bed around 2 am, and there isn’t a set time when she wakes up. Whether it is 7am or 1pm, her actions are slow, her brain doesn’t work very well, and she says that the world doesn’t seem real (literally because her sight sometimes is unclear). She would tell herself that as long as she got a descent number of hours of sleep, everything would be OK. But reality is proving this to be wrong, and the later she got to bed the more exhausted she would feel the next day. She wonders why she cannot go to bed earlier. Could it be that this pattern was developed back in high school? In high school this young lady would finish up her day around 10:30pm. She would go back to the dorm to do her homework, socialize and ended up going to bed around 12am; then would wake up around 6:30am. What’s interesting is that 12 midnight was once thought of as the middle of the night. Now, it is the time when we begin to wind down.

What does this mean and how can we go to bed earlier? Matthew Walker is a renowned author, professor and sleep expert at University of California, Berkeley that explains how our sleep has evolved. He has studied indigenous Indians and their sleeping habits. These hunter gatherer tribes go to bed around 8-9pm, because this is the time when the earth or land is cooling down. They aren’t influenced by other external factors and naturally wake up with the sun. It’s almost like they are in sync with the rhythms of nature. But we live in the 21st century and the onset of the digital era. The middle of the solar night (12pm) has now become the beginning of night. We are checking Facebook for the last time, sending an email or that last text before we close our eyes. Not only has the duration of our sleep decreased through the influence of modern times, but also when we are sleeping has dramatically shifted too. Light is a key trigger and so is temperature of sleep organization and sleep depth. Both are dependent on our core temperature dropping. But we’re not getting those thermal cues like those mention previously that are more in tuned with nature. Our body’s aren’t getting the signals they need because of thermostatic regulation of our environmental temperatures. With thermal manipulation we can improve insomnia by augmenting the core temperature, like taking a shower which can help with the onset of sleep. “Sleep is the Swiss Army Knife of Health” according to Matthew Walker. He says that no matter what the ailment there is something more than likely in the armament of sleep’s toolbox, that deals with any disease. He has been quoted as saying “The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life.”

My conundrum is how do I communicate the importance of sleep when there is so little reverence placed on this nighttime activity. Another student decided to write his paper on why he thought there was too much emphasis being placed on the importance of sleep. He didn’t see the need, nor did he understand why this class was stressing the significance of a good night’s sleep.  His argument was that there were a lot of successful individuals that have reached the pinnacle of success and accomplished their own idiosyncratic apex within their field of expertise on very little sleep. Many top executives and leaders swear by skipping out on shut eye time. Some might be part of the “sleepless elite” others are just good at masking the effects of exhaustion. Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and Square CEO has said that in 2011, he was spending eight to ten hours a day at Twitter and eight to ten hours a day at Square. That left him with somewhere around 4-6 hours a night to sleep. In an interview with The New York Times, a tearful Elon Musk acknowledged to the reporter that his near-24/7 work schedule at Tesla for the past year, was not good for his kids, nor the sleep deprivation his overwork was creating. Tom Ford a fashion designer and director, does not attribute his success to talent, but says it’s due to his energy. It must be intense, considering he only sleeps three hours a night! Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL, tries to get six hours of sleep but often ends up operating on less.

If we not edifying professional entrepreneurs or the famous icons of our time on how their sacrificial sleep loss attributed to their success, what about parents? What kind of example are they setting for their children? I often see clients, (mostly women), juggling their roles as mother, student, wife, solopreneur, family manager, cook, maid, chauffeur and chief bottle washer. They are breastfeeding their child while typing emails with the other hand. When asked how they do it, the candid response is, “Lots of coffee.” We all have the same 24 hours and the opportunity to use our time wisely. When we place a value on these tasks, we start sacrificing our personal and family time. Prioritizing one task over another ultimately helps us accomplish what is needed and is the key to successfully navigating our days, but at what price? My fear is that sleep will continue to fall to the bottom of our list. Maybe, if we start with understanding the role of sleep and its benefits, we might not only live to be successful but also be healthy enough to enjoy the spoils of our endeavors! “The science is clear. What it tells us is that, there’s simply no way you can make good decisions and achieve your world-changing ambitions while running on empty.” Eventually you will hit a wall. Hopefully before that happens you will have already set up a system in place and the tools needed to help you avoid burnout or worse, disease.

29 Jul 2019

Rediscovering the Child Within

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Where did she go? I can remember building my sandcastles, playing in the water and collecting seashells. It was like all of a sudden, the little girl that was so full of laughter, joy and life was nowhere to be found. Someone who was once was so excited about life and pursuing her dreams had gone on vacation and never returned. Was she still there? How do I find her again? What if all the supposed problems and discomfort I was feeling, were only memories? The most important question I needed to ask myself was; “Are you ready to stop punishing yourself?”

What if it’s all an illusion. The mechanistic pieces of the puzzle we are trying to put together so desperately each day. I’m always trying to dissect things and figure out why they happen. Yes, I was that insatiable child that was always asking the question: “Why?” Maybe I’m not supposed to figure out why it happened; just accept the conditions of the present, or the NOW, so that I can understand the “What” part and not the “Why!” What is it I’m hoping to gain from this outcome? Life had caused me to want to desire, to dream big. How can I change the physical through metaphysical means? Tap into my subconscious energy, heal and strengthen my esoteric world?

Do we have to endure pain in order to appreciate the good? I was in a deep well drowning in my own sorrow. Climbing out wasn’t going to be an easy task, but I was tired of not enjoying life. When did I decide that it was acceptable to suffer through the past over and over again? The Emotion Code has been instrumental in helping me to release past trauma. Letting go or what I like to call defragging by utilizing the Sedona Method has taken me to a new level of understanding how to heal. Trusting my heart, my mind so that I can enter my sacred space has taken me beyond my own expectations and allowed me to increase or expand the blessings of my spirit. Standing in awe of the incredible beauty of a sunset on a beach, hearing the waves crash onto the sand, feeling the warm sun upon my face, brings tears to my eyes. When did I stop drinking in these extraordinary moments? Once I allowed myself to be still, I began to download the information I had access to all along. I started to receive messages from the universe, or answers to the questions I had been asking.

After burning myself out for the second time, I decided to go on a journey. A journey that would take me far beyond my own ego, the limits of my own mind and passed an invisible boundary thus revealing my true self. What if like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”, I’ve had that power all along; “there is no place like home” or there is no place like my sacred space. It didn’t require me to get in the car, on a plane, train or bus. I would soon learn, that it began within. A journey that some might call a spiritual path. In search of how to heal the physical self I would have to open my mind to unlimited possibilities. The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open! Learning to trust more and having faith in my creator, would be my greatest achievement spiritually. Letting go of the false beliefs that have kept me from living my best self, was likened to being released from the invisible shackles or prison where I was being held captive. Finally allowing myself to experience hedonic joy and expand into the person I was meant to be by jumping off the “train of pain.”

Through meditation one evening I met her. It was a guided meditation with David Young. He set the stage that we were on a beach. As we began to move towards the water, we could see a ship. It was an ancient wooden ship with large sails, that creaked as it rocked back and forth on the waves. I began to step into the blue-green water of the ocean. It was warm and calming and reminded me of my childhood days. The boarding plank was lowered into the water and a figure dressed in a white robe helped me onto the ship. I then saw a young woman with sandy blonde hair. It was long and wavy, similar to mine. We were off and sailing the wide-open ocean. I said to this woman, “What is your name?” I asked her if she was a mermaid, or a Thalassophile (someone who loves the sea or ocean), but she didn’t answer me.  We dropped anchor and went onto a beach. We built sandcastles, played ring- around-the-rosy and enjoyed the sun-drenched day. When it was time to leave, and I was left standing on the beach waving goodbye, I asked again, “Who are You?” She waved and said, “I’m you, come find me!”

Sometimes I hear a still small voice. Not an audible voice, a gentle nudge or a visit from one of God’s small creatures. Attempting to ignore the inclination and stop what I’m doing, I reason that it’s nothing and pay it no attention. Then it comes back. I wonder how many times I’ve ignored what I think is insignificant and missed a message from God? Was this a call for me to stop waging in the war of life, to stop fighting for a moment and just be still so I can hear? I now stop what I’m doing and listen, so that I might receive his spiritual gifts! What an awesome revelation these experiences of connecting with my inner child have given me! Taking the road less traveled is not easy but it has taught me invaluable lessons. We do have a choice to allow God’s grace to bless our lives. I pray that my eyes, ears and heart are open, and I stop limiting his gifts. Taking the time to be still so I can receive the impulses from the universe is what finally taught me how to trust my intuition and lastly to let everything go! Now, I’m just following the breadcrumbs!

1 Jun 2019

Discovering New Opportunities Within

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Introspection and discovering my true self from within I’ve come to the conclusion that, we are all part of the same consciousness. My beingness goes far beyond the physicality and conditions of life to unlimited and renewable possibilities of energy. We are multi-dimensional beings. Beings of energy, frequency and vibration. We all are here trying to find the answers to these philosophical questions; who am I, why am I here and what is my purpose? What is the key to understanding life? Inner evolution has taught me an invaluable lesson in caring for myself these past 2 years. How can I help others if my cup is empty? Learning to surrender and free fall into God’s arms has freed me and is now healing my spirit which feeds my mind, and in turn heals my body.

While experiencing sound healing recently I was reminded that there is divine timing for everything. The universe is sending me impulses that I can only receive when I take the time to be still and listen. If I’m too busy efforting, then I miss the messages that my creator sends me. What if healing cannot take place because we aren’t allowing or accepting of the gifts we are given? Our timing and vibration must be cultivated in order to harmonize with our desires! During this healing I saw the image of a tree in the desert. It was interpreted as my tree of life. In the tree were two doves. When I researched the symbolism of the doves this is what I found.

Dove imagery can be heralding the end of a problematic cycle in your life, by announcing a time of new worlds and opportunities opening up to you. It can also be used as a symbol of a promise or covenant. In the bible, the dove is a reoccurring symbol that is used in multiple stories to represent the purity of Christ, or God’s promises. They represent a symbol of the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and peace, a divine messenger. The dove also embodies clarity, inspired thought, baptism, the waters of creation, and what I recognize as the celestial energy part of me.

What is energy? Energy is a part of us and all around us; it is the esoteric part of our being. Where does it come from? I learned about energy or the science of energy 17 years ago, but it wasn’t until lately that I began to question if I could manipulate that energy. Learning how to tap into my energy field has been the biggest eye-opening experience because we can’t see it smell it taste it or touch it, so how can we access that energy and use it to help us heal? If everything is energy, why not create something extraordinary? Let go of the past memories, regrets, of the tendency to think “if only I could change my encounters.” Simply accept what has happened since it can’t be changed anyway. Let go also of thoughts of the future. Don’t allow your mind to think about plans or projects. Observe your underlying feelings about the future. Let go of expectations and the anxiety that inevitably accompanies them. Be completely in the “here and now.” Then you will feel the deep peace which accompanies inner silence and gives us a sense of satiety.

If it’s true that we are never empty, what are you holding on to? Do we need to let go of past hurt or trauma? Carl Jung believed that what remains unconscious does not dissolve, but rather resurfaces in our lives as fate or fortune. “Whatever does not emerge as Consciousness,” he said, “returns as Destiny.” In other words, we’re more than likely to keep repeating our unconscious patterns until we bring them into the light of awareness. He further noted that whatever is too difficult to process does not fade away on its own, but rather is stored in our unconscious. Is fear sabotaging our energy, abundance, relationships, security, and behaviors? It’s all about healing the whole self, so how do I stop inviting fear, lack, anger from coming into my existence? What about nature?

We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So, when we say we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve really lost our connection to ourselves! Healing comes from a profound place within, a sacred place. There we transcend daily life and find peace. Look within to find the inner self. Have you found your healing place? Syncing up with the oceans tide, I’m grounded and reconnected to nature. When my mind nourishes my body with carefree thoughts and feelings, my body returns to its natural state of happiness and from this tranquil place I’m able to re-claim the memory of who and what I really am. A spiritual being interrelated with the creative power of the universe, where there are unlimited possibilities and renewable energies!

It is easy to lose our way or question why we are here. Finding purpose is something I think we all strive to do but I would always get stuck on the why part. It wasn’t until deep meditation I found my sacred place. I found peace and was reunited with my creator. Learning to be thankful for every second I’m alive and given another day to make a difference in someone’s life! Thank you for your grace, wisdom and helping me to achieve a higher consciousness with you! Faith and trust set the stage for the Lord to help us, and it’s our own unbelief that keeps us from receiving from him what we need. We should endeavor to stop limiting God. All things are given unto us, but we still have to do the taking or receiving. The spirit has not withheld good from us; it is our own ignorance that causes us to encounter    fear in the first place.

Open my eyes so I might drink in all of life’s wonderment that surrounds me. Widen the vision of my unseeing eyes as to discover the beauty within everyone I meet. Give me perception to make me aware of life’s precious gifts that I pass by daily but seldom see. Allow me to recognize the heart that is much like my own and experience joy, harmony and peace with each passing day. Allow me to walk the spirit path and re-establish that trust with the infinite that resides inside. Help me to discover the new opportunities within, so that I can defrag, recalibrate and reboot my energy system with the passing of each glorious Sun! Namaste!

21 Feb 2019

In Search of the Perfect Wave

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What do I want and why am I here?

The ocean is a perfect representation of a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. The calmer the ocean indicates a feeling of peace and tranquility, whereas a turbulent ocean may indicate a resistance toward the connection between minds. The ocean is the symbolism of a mother, in psychology terms. It can help the dreamer recall a time where they were safe, secure and taken care of. There are many cultures that view the ocean as the origin of all life forms. The ocean is also a symbol of life itself.

Introspection and inner evolution have taught me an invaluable lesson in caring for myself this past year and a half. How can I help others if my cup is empty? Learning to surrender and free fall into God’s arms has freed me and is now healing my spirit which feeds my mind, and in turn heals my body! What are you doing today to heal your spirit? Being aware of what’s up in our body can be a vital way of adjusting to and managing our lives. Utilizing scanning or muscle testing is a great way to discern what area of living is out of balance so we can tip the scale towards well-being.

My journey began with a simple question: had I ever really created any love for myself, or was it hidden underneath a layer of false admiration for others? Through reflection and a mindful shift, I was able to rediscover my sacred space where self-love was buried. It was right where I had left it, perfectly hiding in plain sight, there in my heart! When I started to forgive myself and others for the shortcomings, I mistakenly saw, only then was I able to redirect my attention to new belief systems that would produce innovative and clarifying results.

Transcendence is the emergence and validation of our knowledge of being. Finding one’s true self. How can we attain this? What methodologies help us to achieve this state of being? Through my journey of mindfulness, I was introduced to meditation. A truly incredible modality that helps shift the autonomic system into a parasympathetic response. My body finds the resonance it needs through the frequency of silence. It defrags my body’s energy patterns, cleans them up and reboots or recalibrates my body’s energy system. Our spirit/ mind/body goes into alignment and gratitude. Our advanced nervous system depends on balancing our emotions, a stress less environment in order to create remission, which means to remember your mission! Self-regulation and healing support the body by getting us out of our own mind! Heal the inner experience so you can live in the outer world!

How do you describe something that is indescribable? Chasing that perfect moment riding the wave to the most transcendental peaceful place. The struggle is over and there is no more resistance. Emptiness no longer grabs my soul. Paradise is finding the peace within. I’ve ridden my wave. My life is changed forever, because it was the wave of a lifetime, but where am I now? What is my purpose? In searching for the meaning of life, I found God’s grace. A wave of light, liquid light, wave after wave of love. I’ve run out of things to ask forgiveness for and he continues to send unconditional love to me. Healing my whole self is a journey of self-love, that I have been searching for my entire life.

Have you caught your wave yet? I have found my perfect wave and continue to ride it every day! I’m flooded with God’s unconditional waves of love! My search has ended and what was once dis-ease is now replaced with peace, love and light!

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