28 Mar 2014

Psyched by the Sea Shore

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Earthing can actually decrease your exposure to potentially disruptive electromagnetic fields. When you provide your body a constant source of free electrons, through diet or grounding you help to radically reduce inflammation which is widely acknowledged as one of the primary factors contributing to premature aging and chronic disease. — Dr. James L. Oschman

What is it that draws us to the ocean? Why do we feel better when we are there? It’s mysteriousness has beckoned explores for thousands of years. With every vacation I can remember arriving at our destination with such anticipation. Desperately seeking to feel the fine grains of the sand beneath my feet.  Longing for the warm sensation of the sun on my face. Why does a simple trip to the beach feel so restorative? There is an acoustical quality that I find pleasant and very relaxing. It begs the question: What sounds are beneficial and which ones are stress-inducing? Dr. Shelley Batts, a Ph.D. neuroscientist at Stanford University says “The most pleasurable sounds have predictable wave patterns, middling to low pitches, soft volumes and harmonic frequencies at regular intervals.” All of these characteristics mimic the ocean’s rhythms.

Traffic and airplane noise in the big city has a negative effect that causes our body’s to release the stress hormone cortisol. Growing up landlocked has created an unhealthy environment that interferes with our body’s natural frequency and flow of energy. The ocean sounds by contrast can actually decrease cortisol levels. The emotional aspect triggers deep memories of relaxation and a feeling of being safe. We find peace in this non-threatening and low complex environment.

Is it true that the human body checks for its reference to the Earth every 90 seconds?

earth earthing

There is a physical attribute at the beach which is considered just as healing as sound. The root of our contentment might even be molecular in nature. Some researchers say that ocean waves generate negative ions. They are charged air particles that have been linked to mental energy and emotional well-being.

Nature also provides a solution by providing conductive systems within your body that deliver electrons from your feet to all parts of your body. This has been the natural arrangement throughout most of human history. Negative charges have always been available, thanks to the Earth, to prevent the inflammatory process from damaging healthy tissues.

The next time you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed remember the ocean and how it makes you feel. Here is a simple idea to help overcome anxiety. Cognitive Refocusing Therapy (CRT) involves thinking of something interesting and calming. It is a great way to relax and can even help you fall asleep faster.

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