5 Feb 2014

Better Focus and Decision Making with Good Sleep and Protein

Posted by Lisa

 Is sleep deprivation affecting your ability to make decisions?

 How are your children managing the added stress of not sleeping?

Just the mention of the word “STRESS” creates a stress response. We live in a world where going “Mach-2 with     your hair on fire” is common place. (the quote is from the movie Top Gun).

So, what does it take to get our bodies into a state of correcting itself, reversing the damages caused by stress? With today’s health issues, the focus is all about anti-aging rather than addressing the basics that actually improve our life quality. The keystone mechanism to implement for fighting any disease is good quality sleep. During sleep we rejuvenate, repair and replenish our bodies. Therefore sleep has a huge impact on anything we do.

When we are sleep deprived our leptin levels (the hormone that controls hunger) and our cortisol (the stress hormone) are out of whack. We eat more because our leptin hormone is saying: time to eat, we need more food. The cortisol hormone is on turbo because we are stressed due to the lack of sleep.

In America, our biggest category of health concerns boils down to one thing – sugar. Nearly all health questions center around this and nearly all issues stem from this one single thing – sugar.

Many of us are in a chronic state of stress. This causes a continuous elevated blood sugar level. Because of this we cannot utilize our fat. Insulin is in our bodies to turn sugar into fat, to get us through the harsh winters. Our ancestors needed this, but we no longer have these demands. When we go on a diet our bodies are busy clearing out sugar, so fat remains and is not burned. Fast food often dominates what we eat. Type 2 diabetes can be regulated in just 2 weeks with proper lifestyle changes. We are experiencing a false sense of a dopamine high, if we eat sugar in the morning or at our first meal of the day. It is not hard to give up sugar if we are not craving it. What we start out with will set us up for success the rest of the day.

Protein along with better sleep can help you reboot your brain and control blood sugar in just 30 days. In addition to this, it can change the way you think and process information. Through this improvement work life balance begins to stabilize. Your business will change because you have more focus and willpower. Eventually you can manage stress through thought and will power because we are less likely to go into a stress response .


Adopt the strategy of feeding your brain what it needs and wants, which is protein, and the results will be surprising. Through improving your diet, sleeping more, drinking more water, eating less sugar, walking a couple of miles a day and including protein for your first meal you begin to reverse the disease cycle. And best of all, you feel better!

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Lisa Healthy is a Wellness Educator and your business resource partner. She provides holistic education on non-toxic, green alternatives; how to detoxify; and ways to restore internal and external homeostasis. Balance starts by taking control of our personal environments: our bodies and our living spaces


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