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24 Apr 2017

Where Does Healing Begin?

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True healing has many different facets. We might picture spiritual answers taking place in some revered temple or church-like structures, something mystical, or some far-away place. But these kinds of profound interventions can happen much closer to home. My mission statement is to empower others to implement self-care for themselves and their families. My wish is to give others hope so they can rise above their daily challenges and manifest a life that will promote balance and restoration to their daily living. Where does healing take place?

Could sleep somehow be the one place we forget to look? As you lie down at night are their certain demons that revisit you? Maybe it’s a childhood memory that keeps you from entering a good night’s slumber. We feel stuck as if we are in a revolving door of emotional pain. A dark night of continual self-loathing of past mistakes or not facing the discomfort of bad experiences can keep us from our rest. We are being held back because of an unwillingness to forgive and release negative energy. Letting go of anger and allowing love to enter our heart helps us to find peace.

waterfall 2How can I understand myself better and heal the wounds of decades of pain? I had what I thought was a good childhood. My memories began to focus on the times that I felt ridiculed and alone. It is not always fun to face our past. The actual events were probably not any worse compared to others but I didn’t live up to my personal best. The shame remains in my mind like a toxin and I live with regrets that seem to stay at bay until nightfall. When it is quiet or still is the time my mind starts to replay my cowardly efforts to handle the monsters that would often emerge at night.

Might the answer be in how I view myself? I understand that my future doesn’t depend on what I did or didn’t do in my 20’s, 30’s or even 40 years ago. Who I am now, is what I think at this very moment. I can be what I wasn’t before. It’s not only what was in the past is now gone but more importantly the lessons of my past, some of which are very painful. I know that I may need to relive some of those lessons where I failed to learn from them. How I respond emotionally is how I will grow as a person but also how I respond to others negativity will help me to let go of emotions that keep me from entering the land of nod at night.

In my search for solutions I knew how important it was to address the real issue keeping me awake which was anxiety. Being able to calm down was the single most important aspect of how I could facilitate healing.  After several months of getting the quality sleep my body needed the depression was almost nonexistent. Everything else was so much easier to address now. Decisions became less complicated and I was my old self again. I hope this blog will give you insight about the next time your thoughts decide to delay sleep or your robbed of a tranquil night’s sleep. Maybe you just needed to hear that you are not the only one that has these thoughts as you start to go to sleep. The good news is there are people like me waiting to hear from you so we can help you on your journey to heal.

                                                         From the desk of Lisa Healthy

Having Energy and Abundantly Living the Healthy You!


29 Aug 2016

Magnets & Inflammation

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Inflammation happens when our immune system fights against something that may turn out to be harmful. There are many different immune cells that can take part in inflammation. These cells release different substances, called inflammatory mediators. These include the tissue hormones bradykinin and histamine and cause the narrow blood vessels in the tissue to expand which allows more blood to reach the injured tissue. What are some natural ways to help our body fight inflammation? One way to help the body heal faster is by increasing blood flow. Can magnets help us do that?

U VAThomas Skalak a professor and chair of biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia did a study demonstrating the healing value of magnets[1]. Skalak has been astutely studying magnets for a number of years in order to develop real scientific evidence about the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. His lab leads the field in the area of microcirculation research which studies blood flow through the body’s tiniest blood vessels. The researchers found evidence to support the claim that magnets increase blood flow through research with laboratory rats. They took measurements of blood vessel diameter that were taken both before and after exposure to the static magnetic fields. There was a significant finding that the magnetic field could induce vessel relaxation in tissues with restricted blood supply, eventually increasing blood flow.

Our bodies are amazing and can compensate in times of “Fight or Flight” but because of our lifestyles we are in a chronic state of stress due to long-term consumption of too many nutrient-deficient foods loaded with inflammatory chemicals and sleep loss that stress the body’s defenses and over a long period of time homeostasis breaks down. Chronic inflammation increases the viscosity of our blood. Is there a way to thin the blood and improve the viscidity of the blood?

In a paper accepted for publication in the Physical Review E, the researchers describe how applying a 1.3 Tesla magnetic pulse to a small sample of blood can significantly reduce its viscosity[2]. This effect is probably caused by the response of red blood cells. These iron-rich cells are the most common type of blood cell and they play the leading role in transporting oxygen around the body. In the presence of a strong magnetic field, the red blood cells form chains that align themselves with the field lines where convoys of red blood cells line up behind a leading cell. This process could enable the cells to pass through the blood in a more streamlined fashion, thus reducing the blood’s viscosity.

We know that water is essential for our health. The information bellow explores the benefits of drinking water that has been exposed to a magnetic field. Can magnetized water help with blood glucose, DNA damage, antioxidant status, and lipid profiles?

In the 2013 a preliminary study by conducted by Hye-Jin Lee and Myung-Hee Kang, corresponding author, on the effect of the magnetized water supplementation on blood glucose, lymphocyte DNA damage, antioxidant status, and lipid profiles in STZ-induced rats[3]. After 8 weeks they measured the fasting blood glucose, insulin concentration, glycated hemoglobin level, degree of DNA damage, antioxidant status, and lipid profiles.

The administration of magnetized water for at least 6 weeks suppressed the lymphocyte DNA damages in animals with DEN (diethyl nitrosamine)-induced cancer.

The finding from this study from using the supplementation of magnetized water not only decreased the blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin levels but also reduced blood and liver DNA damages in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. inflamation

In closing this article is meant to give pause on how we can help the body get in balance by using magnets. I do not make any medical claims as to how the magnets will work on our body’s inflammation. This is only a review of the information I have found on magnets and how they are facilitating a natural approach to fighting the Secret Killer within.

[1] Biomedical Engineering Study Demonstrates the Healing Value of Magnets, January 02, 2008, UVA Today, Thomas Skalak, professor and chair of biomedical engineering at U.Va.

[2] Magnetic fields reduce blood viscosity, Physics World, Jun 8, 2011, Author

James Dacey

[3] Lee HJ, Jo HR, Jeon EJ, Kang MH. Effect of the magnetized water supplementation on lymphocyte DNA damage in mice treated with diethylnitrosamine. Korean J Nutr. 2010;43:570–577. [Ref list]

25 May 2016

A Shift in my Journey

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When did I decide that my life was not going the way I had dreamed it would? I guess you could say that it all boiled down to a question that I had 13 years ago, was my life worth living?

It all started over 50 years ago. A shy little girl was just trying to figure out how to fit in. My parents were very supportive and always encouraged me to do my best and enjoy life. But underneath the surface there was an undercurrent that made me feel anxious all the time. It was something I hid from my family because I was the cheerleader. You might say, the women in my family were the glue that held us together. We were the caregivers, the ones that would always find the positive in every situation. I remember one time when my brother was feeling down, my mom told him that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. My brother’s response was; with his luck it was an oncoming train.

When my mom passed away 17 years ago the baton was passed to me to take care of everyone. She had asked me to keep an eye on dad, as she thought he was showing early signs of dementia. Since my mom’s council was no longer available my brothers began to lean on me and would call me to help them. The straw that broke this camel’s back was when they would call me and tell me they weren’t sure they wanted to live anymore.  I had a family of my own that needed me. When did it become my responsibility to take care of the adults in my family? I was having difficulty managing my own sorrow in losing her, I sure as heck did not need the added pressure of managing their grief too.

I am getting to the shift in my journey, so be patient with me. The day my kids asked me when I was going to smile again, was the day I realized I needed help. I knew what this was because my brother suffered from depression and it became clear to me that I was in a deep hole. I began to pray vigilantly knowing the urgency of this situation. I was on 10 prescribed drugs a day before the year ended. I now was a zombie that couldn’t function as a mom, daughter, wife or human being. The answer finally came to me through a friend who said she worked with magnets. Magnets? I really didn’t care what she had but was willing to commit to trying this modality. At this point in my journey I was feeling hopeless and a company called Nikken was offering me a solution.

Fast-forward to today. I no longer feel sad, anxious or suffer from sleep deprivation. I have found a new mission to help others who are feeling defeated, depressed and have lost hope. I am so grateful that my eyes, ears and mind were open to an alternative way to treat my depression. It has empowered me to create a quality of life for myself, my family and my dad. Being there for my dad when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was something I could not have done if not for my new found health. My mission in sharing this story is that I will empower others to implement self-care for themselves and their families. If anything I wish to give them hope so they can rise above their despair and manifest a life that will promote balance and restoration to their daily living.    

Lisa-pic.jpgLisa Hazelgrove
Lisa Healthy LLC
“Having Energy & Abundantly Living The Healthy You”

2 Dec 2015

7 Tips to Healthy Holiday Sleep

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  1. Keep a normal sleep routine even during the holidays. Stay consistent to reinforce your sleep-wake cycle which encourages a relaxing slumber. If you have a holiday party and stay up late, try to wake up at the same time you normally would, even if you feel tired the next day.
  2. Avoid eating within two hours of bedtime. If you’re hungry, have a glass of milk and a light snack. Milk contains the amino acid L-tryptophan and research shows that it helps people go to sleep.
  3. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Close the blinds and eliminate any ambient light. Holidays are exciting but don’t allow your kids to sleep in your bed with you. This will disrupt a good night’s sleep for all of you.
  4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Avoid caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime. It will keep you awake. Alcohol is a depressant that you may think is helpful because it might help you fall asleep more easily at first. But when your body metabolizes it during the sleep cycle, it often disrupts sleep and wakes you up.
  5. Keep your mind calm and anxiety-free at bedtime. Use Cognitive Refocusing Therapy to change your thoughts to a place you love to visit on vacation, like the beach.
  6. Get plenty of exercise. Exercising during the day reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body which allows you to fall asleep faster and wake up less often during the night.
  7. Learn the 4-7-8 technique. If you have trouble winding down before bedtime. Learn a breathing technique can help you to nod off. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3067526/Can-t-sleep-4-7-8-breathing-technique-claims-help-nod-60-SECONDS.html#v-4215373287001

From the desk of Lisa Healthy, Holistic Educator Lisa-pic.jpg“Having energy & abundantly living the healthy you.”                   www.nikken.com/lisahealthy

16 Sep 2015

Changing Direction in the Storm

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I went for my morning walk on  this  beautiful fall day. While communing with nature, I started to contemplate my purpose in life now that my granddaughter is about to be born. I wondered where I would be if I had not changed my course of destruction regarding my health. “We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”

What holds us back from adjusting our sails? Do you believe it is possible? Is what you are doing working for you? Are you getting the results you really want and need?

What if there was a way for you to create balance in the five major aspects of living; emotions, environment, energy, nutrition, and sleep? 12 years ago I made the decision to invest in my health and wellness using Nikken as my vehicle to achieve homeostasis.

It is hard to understand how we can change our life or even believe that it is possible. I am here to tell you that you can reach your objective and there is hope. My recent lab report has given me a new desire to help others achieve their healthy lifestyle dream.

I received a call from my brother the other day. I could hear the sadness in his voice on how his health has drastically declined. He  sounded so despondent about his future. It made me realize how we suffer the consequences of our actions. This is not what I anticipate for myself or my family. I want to enjoy life and appreciate the success of my efforts.

I love empowering people to take total control of their wellness by sharing my vision of providing solutions using Mother Natures principles. Would you like to take control over every aspect of your Life?

Lisa picLisa Hazelgrove





23 Sep 2014

The Emotion Code

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girl looking over cliffCan we detox from our emotional baggage? How can this hold us back from reaching our goals? Let me first start with the Science of Energy and then discuss how our emotions affect our energy.  

Dr. Oz  has been quoted saying “We are beginning to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine, is “Energy Medicine”.  The purpose of Energy Medicine is to support the individual’s natural ability to restore & balance the smooth flow of energy. It is a complement to traditional medical modalities that helps to balance energies that activate the body’s natural healing abilities. Working within the body’s energy systems the energy either flows smoothly unobstructed or it can become stuck, blocked, congested and imbalanced. These discrete pathways through which energy moves or gets stuck will influence how we feel.

light element of nikkenWe are energy beings. Energy is everywhere and is also created through thought. This energy has no boundaries’ and is not confined to a single space, individual or object. Studies have shown that when the energy from our thoughts are intentionally directed, they can influence another person whether they are nearby or in another part of the world. 

Just recently I have been utilizing a modality called The Emotion Code. You maybe asking yourself, what exactly is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is energetic balancing. It is a healing technique to help us pinpoint and then release trapped emotions. These emotional energies can be harmful. They can cause depression, anxiety, even prevent people from finding love and happiness and make them feel detached from others. They are created from negative past events and people which then causes a short-circuit in our energy frequency. Trapped emotions are made of energy which influences the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and disease. Releasing these trapped emotions promotes healing. Physical and emotional difficulties will often disappear or seem less frequent.

Lisa picAre you ready to purposefully and intentionally rid yourself of unseen emotional baggage, creating a healthy environment inside for your body?

If so, join Lisa Healthy to experience “The Emotion Code” October 13th at Good Foods Grocery Gayton Crossing; 6:30 pm.

Lisa Healthy “Wellness Education With a Side of Energy”

8 Aug 2014

Who is Driving Your Wellness Vehicle?

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couple drivingcar

Who would you want as a driver? Dale  Earnhardt, Jr., an American NASCAR driver and  media personality might be a good choice.

However, we are talking about your wellness vehicle. Maybe you haven’t quite mapped out your travel plans or who will be in charge of your health.

I crossed this bridge 11 years ago. Rather than looking in the rear view mirror and just accepting the legacy of disease I was facing, I decided to take control of my vehicle and ownership of my health and wellness.

Let’s take a look at the underlying source for our bodies breaking down. Modern medicine has announced that stress is the cause of 90% of all chronic illness. Stress is a common word that we have all come to know, but rarely understand that it is at the root of most of our medical problems. It manifests first in the areas where we are most out of balance.

Our body has this amazing internal regulating energy called “life force”. Homeostasis is moving towards a perfect state of health. Emotional stress can prevent us from achieving balanced health.

Are you ready to purposefully and intentionally drive your wellness vehicle, creating a healthy environment inside for your body? 

If so, join Lisa Healthy to experience “The Emotion Code” – a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage, Thursday, August 14th at Good Foods Grocery Gayton Crossing; 6:30 pm. We will journey into releasing trapped emotions that may be keeping you from losing weight, reaching your business goals, or even making more money. These trapped emotions may be initiating pain and even causing you to be angry and depressed. You can change all that with “The Emotion Code”.

Lisa-pic_thumb2Lisa Healthy “Wellness Education With a Side of Energy”

I help people create  a baseline for health. This can be achieved through balance in the 4 major aspects of living: nutrition, environment, sleep and energy.

14 Jul 2014

Can Our Emotions Be Sabotaging Our Health?

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Carpe DiemCarpe Diem

You wake up ready to seize the day but then you notice something is not quite right. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to start your day is interrupted by some un-pleasant emotions. Feelings that you can’t quite put your finger on have crept in to sabotaged your day.

For no apparent reason you feel blue or anxious and there is a lack of vitality. Energy is all around us. We are energy. Our vibration or frequency can be affected by our environment, stress, emotions and other people. That zest you once had for life has been replaced with exhaustion.

Stress comes from an inappropriate way of seeing the world. You cannot help emotional exhaustion by resting; it has nothing to do with it. Sleep and rest are not a solution for exhaustion. It is a lack of wholeheartedness. Not being fully engaged in anything. It comes from not doing anything you truly love. Emotions not only affect our body in ways that provide us with health and healing but can also how affect how we view the world we live in.

We have all witnessed those who seem “stuck” in a certain emotional state. Some people seem to be angry all the time while others seem sad. Still others seem fearful and some are just “too” happy. All of us know someone who worries all the time.

What constitutes a happy life? Is what you are doing providing you with joy, happiness and emotional satisfaction?

Creating balance and well-being through emotional health comes from being passionate about life. It is about having substance, spending time to develop yourself and throwing your heart into what you love doing. Most people move through life not finding anything they truly resonate with or that engages their heart which allows them to move through the world with their heart Chakra open. 

Join Lisa Healthy to experience “The Emotion Code” – a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage, Tuesday, July 15th at Good Foods Grocery Gayton Crossing; 6:30 pm. We will journey into releasing trapped emotions that may be keeping you from losing weight, reaching your business goals, making more money, may be initiating pain and even causing you to be angry and depressed.

Lisa picLisa Healthy

“Wellness Education With a Side of Energy”

I help people create  a baseline for health. This can be achieved through balance in the 4 major aspects of living: nutrition, environment, sleep and energy.

9 Jun 2014

Are You Fed Up?

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“Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong. FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see because Fed Up will change the way America eats.”

There are over 600,000 foods items in America. and 80% of them have added sugar in them. Our brains when given sugar light up like a Christmas tree. Sugar has been likened to cocaine. This is the first generation where we as adults may outlive our children. Is it because we lack the will power to “Just Say No” to sugar? 


Why is it so hard to put down that sugary treat? By 2050 1 out of every 3 Americans will have diabetes. In America the biggest category of questions comes down to one thing – sugar. (All health questions center around this) All health issues stem from one single thing, sugar. People want to know how to diet, how to curb cravings for sugar, how to avoid diabetes, reverse or manage it. 

We have not been taught how to function without sugar but it can take as little as 7 days to change all this. We can control our blood sugar in one month. The most essential thing about dieting is you have to stop sugar. Once you give the brain what it wants which is protein it doesn’t crave sugar. This in turn creates dopamine. When we have this neurotransmitter working properly we can control stress through thought and will power so we are less likely to go into stress response.


We did not have access to all this sugar years ago, we were lucky if we had a couple of tablespoons a day or every few months. There were no 7 Eleven’s or Starbucks on every corner. We ran on proteins and fats. When we have a continuous elevated blood sugar our body’s cannot utilize any fat.

Join Lisa Healthy for her next workshop at Good Foods Grocery Gayton Crossing 6/18/14 at 6:30 pm. We will discuss how to manage the following: Sugar Cravings, Healthy Fats, Thermogenesis, Detoxification, Probiotics, and Stimulating your brain.

lisahealthy about me Lisa Healthy

“ Wellness Education With a Side of Energy”

5 May 2014

Changing Your Environment Can Change Your Health

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person earthing

I started my wellness journey in 2003 and began seeing a nutritionist. When I first meet with him it was shortly after my mom    had passed away and I was still very depressed. I remember saying to him “I guess I am going to get cancer.” My mom and my  father had it, 3 of my mom’s sister’s and her brother had cancer and my grandmother also had cancer. He looked at me and said,  “Do you want Cancer?’ This was a defining moment for me. No, I belted back, “I don’t want it.” It was then I heard the most  empowering words that would forever change my life: “Then create an environment that disease doesn’t like.”

 That was over 10 years ago. Since then  I have strived to change the environment inside my body as well as the environment I  live, work and play in. I realize now that I am in control of my life. What I do will determine how well I live and how well future  generations of my family will continue to succeed and flourish. It is because of the research of Otto Warburg, an Austrian chemist, that I was able to understand that disease thrived in an acidic terrain. So, my first order of business was to change my acidic environment to an alkaline one. Our ability to transform an environment comes from restful sleep, grounding and good nutrition. You may be asking yourself, what is does this look like at the cellular level?

The human body is made up of billions of cells that are slightly alkaline. We live and die at the cellular level. In order to function we must maintain this alkalinity but the activity of the cells is acidic in nature. It is the build up of waste from this respiration that we become toxic and ultimately need to change the cell environment in order to neutralize and detoxify. Most people and clinical practitioners believe the immune system is our first line of defense, when actuality it is our pH balance that acts as our major line of defense against sickness.  

We are aging prematurely but the good news is we can reverse this process. Quality sleep is a contributing factor to our stability and vitality. When we do not get enough sleep our cells break down thereby causing free radicals. Melatonin is a potent free radical scavenger that works as a broad spectrum antioxidant helping to repair cellular damage. Eating super foods that are loaded with antioxidants, drinking clean alkaline water and grounding helps to counteract the toxicities that bombard us daily and can optimize our ability to achieve homeostasis.

lisahealthy about meLisa Healthy

Wellness Education With a Side of Energy

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    Lisa Healthy Hazelgrove

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