24 Apr 2017

Where Does Healing Begin?

Posted by Lisa

True healing has many different facets. We might picture spiritual answers taking place in some revered temple or church-like structures, something mystical, or some far-away place. But these kinds of profound interventions can happen much closer to home. My mission statement is to empower others to implement self-care for themselves and their families. My wish is to give others hope so they can rise above their daily challenges and manifest a life that will promote balance and restoration to their daily living. Where does healing take place?

Could sleep somehow be the one place we forget to look? As you lie down at night are their certain demons that revisit you? Maybe it’s a childhood memory that keeps you from entering a good night’s slumber. We feel stuck as if we are in a revolving door of emotional pain. A dark night of continual self-loathing of past mistakes or not facing the discomfort of bad experiences can keep us from our rest. We are being held back because of an unwillingness to forgive and release negative energy. Letting go of anger and allowing love to enter our heart helps us to find peace.

waterfall 2How can I understand myself better and heal the wounds of decades of pain? I had what I thought was a good childhood. My memories began to focus on the times that I felt ridiculed and alone. It is not always fun to face our past. The actual events were probably not any worse compared to others but I didn’t live up to my personal best. The shame remains in my mind like a toxin and I live with regrets that seem to stay at bay until nightfall. When it is quiet or still is the time my mind starts to replay my cowardly efforts to handle the monsters that would often emerge at night.

Might the answer be in how I view myself? I understand that my future doesn’t depend on what I did or didn’t do in my 20’s, 30’s or even 40 years ago. Who I am now, is what I think at this very moment. I can be what I wasn’t before. It’s not only what was in the past is now gone but more importantly the lessons of my past, some of which are very painful. I know that I may need to relive some of those lessons where I failed to learn from them. How I respond emotionally is how I will grow as a person but also how I respond to others negativity will help me to let go of emotions that keep me from entering the land of nod at night.

In my search for solutions I knew how important it was to address the real issue keeping me awake which was anxiety. Being able to calm down was the single most important aspect of how I could facilitate healing.  After several months of getting the quality sleep my body needed the depression was almost nonexistent. Everything else was so much easier to address now. Decisions became less complicated and I was my old self again. I hope this blog will give you insight about the next time your thoughts decide to delay sleep or your robbed of a tranquil night’s sleep. Maybe you just needed to hear that you are not the only one that has these thoughts as you start to go to sleep. The good news is there are people like me waiting to hear from you so we can help you on your journey to heal.

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