30 Dec 2019

Second Chance

Posted by Lisa

“Every day you wake up and have a second chance to do whatever you want, to be whoever you want. The only thing stopping you is you.” This quote is from the Movie “Second Act”. It’s about a struggling employee working for a Superstore, who is frustrated from unfulfilled dreams. She decides to reinvent herself which gives her a second chance to prove that her street smarts are just as valuable as a college degree. This inspirational film invokes some cutting-edge conversations about the empowerment of women, integrity, believing in ourselves, “biological clocks,” and of course, second chances. “Our lives are shaped by a series of choices. One decision leading to another, bringing us times of great joy, or years of regret. In the end, it’s up to us. We get to write our own story.” How many of us have reached this crossroad in life, only to buckle under the pressure of what we should do verses trusting ourselves that the desired outcome or dream will manifest. To quote Dr. Archibald Graham (aka “Moonlight” Graham) from the movie “Field of Dreams”; “It was like coming this close to your dreams… and then watch them brush past you like strangers in a crowd.”

What does it take to transform our pain into manifesting the life we’ve dreamed of? Maybe, it’s asking the age-old question, are we tired of punishing ourselves? Are we ready to freefall leaving all our fears behind? It’s finally realizing that we don’t merely exist to trudge through life, burdened by tasks of everyday sameness, and the heaviness in our souls. I came to this realization going into my 3rd year of healing from Thyroiditis, Graves’ Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I fantasized how helpful it would be to see a road map showing all the twists and turns of the journey that lie before me. I think we would all feel more prepared if we could somehow visualize what is on the road ahead. Instead of assessing our energy level at every turn and wondering if we’re making the right choices. I felt it prudent to change my grasp of a controlling stance to one of openness and trust. No longer surrounded by a sea of problems, but instead, I will rise above this disfunction, find peace, and safely be guided to solutions in healing my whole self. Transformation is about awareness. If I’m aware of the state of my spirit-mind-body, then I can change the outcome. Even if the doctor says; “You can’t heal from this!” Life had caused me to want to desire, to dream big. How can I alter my physicality through metaphysical means? Tap into my subconscious mind, heal and strengthen my energetic world?

Syncing up with the oceans tide, I’m grounded and reconnected to nature. When my mind nourishes my body with light-hearted feelings, easy going thoughts; my body returns to its natural state of happiness. From this heavenly dwelling, I’m able to regain the memory of who and what I really am. A celestial being that is interconnected with the creative power of the universe, where there are unlimited possibilities and renewable energies! Meditation has given me the opportunity to stop time. With this process I was able transcend beyond the present moment and reconnect to my sacred space. To go “home,” where healing takes place. Aligning with my energy source has allowed a wellspring of manifestation to unfold beneath my feet. But it was going to take a village to help me reach my ultimate destination, which is homeostasis. I was inspired to incorporate many different protocols for my diagnoses. One of them was to start taking a high dose iodine supplement. Because my T3 number was so high, I decided to go on the medicine recommended by the doctor. She mentioned that I couldn’t stay on this medicine very long. WOW ?, that was scary. When I had my blood work done months later, my T3 was down considerably but liver enzymes were now elevated. My body was still writhing from the level 10 pain (scale from 1-10) in my neck, but I knew the liver was not reacting well to the prescription. I began taking the supplement immediately after tapering off the medicine. After about 5 days of taking the iodine my pain level went down to a 5. (I don’t suggest that anyone stop taking their prescriptions. It is an individual choice.) Just a few weeks later and my pain level was down to about a 2.

Did I mention there was a nodule on my thyroid? I will never forget the doctor’s tone when she berated me about not listening to her advice and suggesting that if it was cancerous, it could now have spread throughout my entire body. I wish I’d had a picture of her face when she said that I was playing doctor, to which I then responded that, I don’t play around when it comes to my health and God was healing me. Her abrupt tone continued as she explained the graveness of my situation (pun intended). Her solution was the only choice that I had, which was Nuclear medicine. Nutrition, she demanded, was not going to help heal my thyroid and that iodine was not verified in any studies [sources 1,2&3]. Six months later, I couldn’t feel the nodule anymore. When I told her this, she immediately started feeling my neck with the veracity of a chef trying to hammer out the lumps in mash potatoes. Her lack of compassion still boggles the mind. I’m reminded of the term: Occam’s Razor. “It means finding the most logical solution to an illogical problem. A scientific or medical means of thwarting more fanciful and dubious explanations for strange phenomena.” While this is useful, it has been known to obstruct scientific or medical progress. When we go with the simplest explanations, we overlook new theories and rely on outdated or current research. New research brings to light more evidence, hence new solutions emerge.

I’m grateful for the second chance or what I was told was impossible that became possible these past 2 years! I’m looking forward to how this transformation will all unfold in 2020! Desire is nothing without belief. Desire changes a belief that isn’t serving you. When we allow others and their belief systems to influence us, our desire is extinguished. Change your beliefs which will change your vibration, then your point of attraction will manifest your desires. I’m now empowered and inspired to bridge my Spirit-Mind-Body. This was revolutionary to me and has given me infinite potential to create the life of my dreams and healing was not only possible but achievable. The only limitation in manifesting this was in my own mind. All I have to do is cultivate the conditions, plant the seeds, and fertilize the soil where all of these experiences can grow allowing me to live an extraordinary life! Chasing that perfect moment had caused me to find the most transcendental peaceful place. The struggle is over and there is no more resistance. Emptiness no longer grabs my soul. Paradise is locating the silence within. My life is changed forever, because it was the discovery of a lifetime. Healing my whole self is a journey of self-love, that I have been searching for my entire life. Namaste ?

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[3.] National Institutes of Health (NIH), Iodine, Fact Sheet for Health Professionals, https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Iodine-HealthProfessional/

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