29 Jul 2019

Rediscovering the Child Within

Posted by Lisa

Where did she go? I can remember building my sandcastles, playing in the water and collecting seashells. It was like all of a sudden, the little girl that was so full of laughter, joy and life was nowhere to be found. Someone who was once was so excited about life and pursuing her dreams had gone on vacation and never returned. Was she still there? How do I find her again? What if all the supposed problems and discomfort I was feeling, were only memories? The most important question I needed to ask myself was; “Are you ready to stop punishing yourself?”

What if it’s all an illusion. The mechanistic pieces of the puzzle we are trying to put together so desperately each day. I’m always trying to dissect things and figure out why they happen. Yes, I was that insatiable child that was always asking the question: “Why?” Maybe I’m not supposed to figure out why it happened; just accept the conditions of the present, or the NOW, so that I can understand the “What” part and not the “Why!” What is it I’m hoping to gain from this outcome? Life had caused me to want to desire, to dream big. How can I change the physical through metaphysical means? Tap into my subconscious energy, heal and strengthen my esoteric world?

Do we have to endure pain in order to appreciate the good? I was in a deep well drowning in my own sorrow. Climbing out wasn’t going to be an easy task, but I was tired of not enjoying life. When did I decide that it was acceptable to suffer through the past over and over again? The Emotion Code has been instrumental in helping me to release past trauma. Letting go or what I like to call defragging by utilizing the Sedona Method has taken me to a new level of understanding how to heal. Trusting my heart, my mind so that I can enter my sacred space has taken me beyond my own expectations and allowed me to increase or expand the blessings of my spirit. Standing in awe of the incredible beauty of a sunset on a beach, hearing the waves crash onto the sand, feeling the warm sun upon my face, brings tears to my eyes. When did I stop drinking in these extraordinary moments? Once I allowed myself to be still, I began to download the information I had access to all along. I started to receive messages from the universe, or answers to the questions I had been asking.

After burning myself out for the second time, I decided to go on a journey. A journey that would take me far beyond my own ego, the limits of my own mind and passed an invisible boundary thus revealing my true self. What if like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”, I’ve had that power all along; “there is no place like home” or there is no place like my sacred space. It didn’t require me to get in the car, on a plane, train or bus. I would soon learn, that it began within. A journey that some might call a spiritual path. In search of how to heal the physical self I would have to open my mind to unlimited possibilities. The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open! Learning to trust more and having faith in my creator, would be my greatest achievement spiritually. Letting go of the false beliefs that have kept me from living my best self, was likened to being released from the invisible shackles or prison where I was being held captive. Finally allowing myself to experience hedonic joy and expand into the person I was meant to be by jumping off the “train of pain.”

Through meditation one evening I met her. It was a guided meditation with David Young. He set the stage that we were on a beach. As we began to move towards the water, we could see a ship. It was an ancient wooden ship with large sails, that creaked as it rocked back and forth on the waves. I began to step into the blue-green water of the ocean. It was warm and calming and reminded me of my childhood days. The boarding plank was lowered into the water and a figure dressed in a white robe helped me onto the ship. I then saw a young woman with sandy blonde hair. It was long and wavy, similar to mine. We were off and sailing the wide-open ocean. I said to this woman, “What is your name?” I asked her if she was a mermaid, or a Thalassophile (someone who loves the sea or ocean), but she didn’t answer me.  We dropped anchor and went onto a beach. We built sandcastles, played ring- around-the-rosy and enjoyed the sun-drenched day. When it was time to leave, and I was left standing on the beach waving goodbye, I asked again, “Who are You?” She waved and said, “I’m you, come find me!”

Sometimes I hear a still small voice. Not an audible voice, a gentle nudge or a visit from one of God’s small creatures. Attempting to ignore the inclination and stop what I’m doing, I reason that it’s nothing and pay it no attention. Then it comes back. I wonder how many times I’ve ignored what I think is insignificant and missed a message from God? Was this a call for me to stop waging in the war of life, to stop fighting for a moment and just be still so I can hear? I now stop what I’m doing and listen, so that I might receive his spiritual gifts! What an awesome revelation these experiences of connecting with my inner child have given me! Taking the road less traveled is not easy but it has taught me invaluable lessons. We do have a choice to allow God’s grace to bless our lives. I pray that my eyes, ears and heart are open, and I stop limiting his gifts. Taking the time to be still so I can receive the impulses from the universe is what finally taught me how to trust my intuition and lastly to let everything go! Now, I’m just following the breadcrumbs!

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