19 Jul 2017

I Smile Because I Can

Posted by Lisa

My family and I were on a trip to Chincoteague Island to watch the wild ponies and all I could think about was I lost my Barbie doll’s dress!  Of course, I was a child but how many of us hold onto memories unknowingly and unwillingly? This was not the defining moment for me but instead it is a reminder of the events in my life that have left an invisible scar that created my sadness.

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As a child, I was very skinny and had buck teeth. I loved that my mom always emphasized that beauty began on the inside and I was beautiful in her eyes. However, it did not help when I was being teased at school. Don’t hide behind the pole because we can’t see you or eat wonder bread it helps build strong bodies 12 different ways (if you didn’t grow up in the 60’s you may not get this reference).

What on Earth is your problem? Why can’t you smile? You would think this would all change as I got older. I was lucky enough to get through high school. I remember crying a lot and thinking there must be something wrong with me. College on the other hand was easier but I still felt as though I was a small fish in a big pond. How do people muster up a smile when they feel like they don’t belong?

Having my children has been the greatest accomplishment in my life. That surely would cause me to smile, right? It did and I was living the dream or so I thought. I enjoyed watching them grow up and I loved attending all their sports games, dance recitals, parties and seeing them reach all those milestones but something was still missing. It was in my late thirties when I started to feel my life slipping away. Then I lost my mother and that was the final straw. Life began to spiral out of control.

Don’t you just love friends who tell you to snap out of it. Maybe they tell you to go out with them and they can make you feel happy. Funny how they were the ones that didn’t stick around long enough to support me in the tough times. What about medication? I did that and 10 pills later I had gained over 75 pounds and felt worse. What else could I do? I must find a solution to help me crawl back out of the depths of despair and get my smile back. I was so consumed with my unhappiness that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I understand now that I had to go through these experiences to live a purposeful life, to be useful, to be honorable and to be compassionate.

Today I have my smile and it will never leave me again. I have found out how to cope when life gets too heavy to bear. I have made it my mission to help others that have lost their smile and think that no one can help them. I have created a system and provide the tools and resources to help those who are suffering with the same feeling of being lost. This journey has given me a bird’s eye view of what others might be experiencing. I have the confidence that comes from living a life with purpose and I now offer hope to those who feel hopeless.

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