17 Dec 2018

Manifesting Our Dreams

Posted by Lisa

One of my favorite movies is “Field of Dreams.” Maybe it’s the symbolism that the dreamer enters into what could be an abundant phase of life but has a problem that must be solved first. The field is being considered as an embodiment of maternal and fertility, the solidarity with the forces of nature. It might be that the key lesson here is that our journey is not just about us reaching our own essential healing, but also helping others to reach theirs.

Get busy! Get moving! Get on that frenzied hamster treadmill. Nothing robs the peace and joy from our lives more than constant busyness. That busyness for us may be veiled as some super-important drive for excellence, or some kind of way to work out our desires. But in the end, it comes down to just plain fear-driven, can’t-stop-moving, don’t-want-to-deal-with-it, got-to-please-everyone busyness. Is the belief that hard work to the point of stress, the answer to a more fulfilling life? Yes, a positive work ethic is necessary, but do you want to go beyond living in the moment narrowly focused on individual effort?

The more important question is how do we let go of fear and learn to trust in surrender and grace and follow the voice? A journey that may require much more than a leap of faith, it could be a walk that doesn’t call us to pursue our own passions or desires; rather, it calls us away from them. It calls us to mortgage those dreams, to sacrifice them, to risk them all for the sake of what the voice would have us pursue instead.

I grew up in a hard-working blue-collar family. We were brought up on the belief system that discipline, perseverance, the value of creating a plan, goals, laying out the milestones and then go to work executing what you had conceived, was the strategy to being successful. There came a point in my journey when I began to ask myself, “Is this as good as it gets?” “Is this it?” This can’t be the best I can do. There must be more. Then, the unimaginable happened. My thyroid went off the reservation. It was in overdrive and knocked the wind right out of my sails and literally out of my lungs. I was breathless. My life had become meaningless and I didn’t even realize what was happening. Not to mention, the spiritual erosion my daily distractions were causing and the physical damage that now was taking place. I had maxed out my human capabilities.

Then it dawned on me while lying exhausted one evening; you get introspective when things don’t work out the way you think they ought to. In times of suffering, the questions aren’t far behind. At first, I asked the typical, why me? But eventually, I began to ask different questions, what do I need to learn from this experience? Is God trying to tell me something? I could continue being frustrated, sick, and take life as it comes, maybe try desperately to regain control or just give up. My current methods to achieve happiness and success obviously weren’t working. Then, I discovered a spiritual philosophy and began to meditate. I learned how to call forth divine substance. The invisible force from which all things are created. Some might call it source energy or a vibration of what we want to manifest. This was a renaissance in conscious thinking! A new paradigm shift where I could let go of the beliefs that were holding me back! “The bridge between manifesting and surrender is in the willingness to define “what” we want and let go of “how” it shows up.”

Now, I had the power, skills and talents to manifest my desires. This was revolutionary to me and gave me infinite potential to create the life of my dreams and healing was not only possible but achievable. The only limitation in manifesting this was in my own mind. There are moments when inspiration and creativity go beyond anything I could have ever imagined. All I have to do is create the conditions, plant the seeds, and fertilize the soil where all of these experiences of grace can grow allowing me to live an extraordinary life!

Whether it is a corn field or a baseball field, finding redemption or another chance to engage in the game of life and live out your dreams; self-discovery is vital to living an authentic life. “Go the distance” with a passion for the game because you love it, not for the money or fame but for all we remember that is good!
“Is this Heaven?”
“It’s Iowa”
“I could have sworn it was Heaven.”
“Is there a Heaven?”
“Oh yeah…it’s the place dreams come true.”
“Maybe this is Heaven.”

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