22 Sep 2017

A Whole New Level of Nutrition

Posted by Lisa


When I think about nutrition I typically think of food. Not just any food but super nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that will nourish and repair my body. Fourteen years ago, my obsession was with energy. Where did my energy go and how do I get it back? Changing my diet was my first order of business but I still didn’t seem to have the vitality required to sustain daily living.

In my search for energy I began to look at sleep. It was something that eluded me or wasn’t fulfilling enough. Eventually prescriptions were implemented but I became zombielike and couldn’t function as a human being. Was there something else that was interfering with my entering the land of nod each night?

Increasing my knowledge of man-made electromagnetic fields seemed to be a crucial part of answering that question. What if we have disrupted the foundation of life and lowered our vibrational field. I believe we have forgotten the basic laws of our universe and divorced ourselves from nature.

Could there be a remedy to help reconnect and bolster our natural energy system? To restore our energy field back to its vibrancy we must get energy nourishment from a magnetic field. The Earth is a big magnet but it’s geomagnetic field has diminished. The Kenko Sleep System by a company called Nikken is like a magnetic atmospheric chamber. It helps you to restore back to a natural energetic frequency. You are reconnecting back to the world itself.

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